New Chitose Airport
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New Chitose Airport is operated by Hokkaido Airports.

Flight Schedule

You can see the flight schedule by specifying the destination, airline, etc.

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A Note on Flight Information Shown

The flight schedules shown are based on details provided by each airline.
Flight details may change without prior notice in cases of schedule changes due to inclement weather or aircraft malfunctions. Please contact the respective airlines for more details.

See the full list of airlines here
  • All flight times are shown in local time.
  • Domestic flight numbers start with three letters (ex: ANA123), while international flight numbers begin with two letters (ex: NH456).
  • When multiple airlines are shown under a flight, that means it is a shared flight and the operating airline will be shown at the very top.
  • Domestic flight details are shown for up to 31 days in advance. International flight details are shown for the current month. Dates on which a flight is not available are blocked out in gray.