New Chitose Airport
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Coin Lockers

Facilities & Services

Large-sized, middle-sized and small-sized lockers are available.


TEL: 0123-46-5429 (7:30am - 7:00pm)
TEL: 0123-46-5413 (outside the above hours)

  • Maximum period of use: 3 days (for longer periods, please use Temporary Baggage Storage.)
  • Fee: 300yen, 400yen, 500yen, 600yen and 700yen (charged every 12 hours)
  • Please note that if you insert many coins for service extension, they might be stuck sometimes.
  • All fare amounts include tax.

About dimensions

  • Since the model varies depending on the installation location, it is possible that the size you request may not be available.
  • The size of the largest model
    Locker internal dimensions (width/depth/height [mm])
    Maximum width model: 530/575/840
    Maximum height model: 360/575/1132
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