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Domestic Terminal Building 1F
9:00-20:00 (Last order 20:00)

This is a popular authentic gourmet hamburger restaurant serving hot burgers made to order, and has a policy of using domestically produced vegetables. Telephone orders are also accepted so that food can be picked up without any waiting time. The restaurant itself is a bright open space that makes an ideal meeting point.

  • cafe / snack
  • before domestic security inspection
Domestic Terminal Building 1F
9:00-20:00 (Last order 20:00)
seat: 32

Digital cash and payment apps accepted

Electronic money

The following electronic money can be used: Rakuten Edy, WAON, nanaco, iD, QuicPay, Kitaka, Suica, Pasmo, TOICA, manaca, sugoca, Hayakaken, nimoca
  • We do not offer electronic money recharge services at our store.

Code payment

Available code payments are as follows: au Pay, d Pay, Jcoin, LINE Pay, Merpay, PayPay, Rakuten Pay, AEON Pay, Smart Code (ANA Pay, EPOS PAY, FamiPay), Ginko Pay, Hokuhoku Pay, Alipay Partner (Alipay HK, GCash, true money wallet), JKOPAY, WeChat Pay, UnionPay

Recommended Products

Mos Burger fries small set

Eat-in: 795 yen (tax included)
Takeout: 780 yen (tax included)

A hearty hamburger filled with our signature meat sauce, fresh tomatoes, and onions.

Most Chicken

Eat-in: 275 yen (tax included)
Takeout: 270 yen (tax included)

Japanese-style fried chicken made by coating bone-in breast meat in rice flour batter flavored with kelp stock and deep frying until crispy.

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